Confidence rebounds as CFOs plan for growth in 2011

Chief finance officers (CFOs) at major UK companies entered 2011 in a more buoyant mood with a new focus on growth, according to the findings of the latest Deloitte CFO Survey.

CFO confidence rebounded in the fourth quarter of 2010, regaining much of the ground lost in the second and third quarters. Fears of a double dip have abated from the levels seen earlier in the year.

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Cautious optimism in new era of financial conservatism

UK chief financial officers (CFOs) have become markedly more optimistic about the financial prospects for their own companies, but there is no expectation that the country is on the verge of a strong recovery, according to the findings of the latest quarterly Deloitte CFO Survey.

Despite optimism among CFOs rising to the highest level since the survey began in September 2007, the mood is hardly euphoric. Instead, debt reduction and financial caution are in favour and it is clear that CFOs think these trends are here to stay. CFOs believe that the credit crunch marks a move to a new era of lower debt, less reliance on bank borrowing and a greater focus on liquidity.

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CFOs expect slow recovery, says Deloitte survey

There is a growing sense of optimism among UK chief financial officers (CFOs), according to the findings of the latest quarterly CFO Survey by Deloitte.

But while there is clear, though not universal, conviction among CFOs that the economy will recover during the next year, most expect the recovery to be marked by sluggish growth, a strong focus on cost control and tight lending conditions.

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