Deloitte seeks views of entrepreneurs

Business advisory firm Deloitte has opened its annual survey of the UK’s entrepreneurs for its report ‘Entrepreneurship UK: 2010/11’ and is inviting entrepreneurs from across the East Midlands to take part.

Now in its third year, the annual report gathers the views of entrepreneurs and offers an insight into the mindset and intentions of the people who run the entrepreneurial companies that underpin the UK economy. 

Vijay Thakrar, partner at Deloitte in the East Midlands, said: “When we launched the results of the 2009 survey, we were in the midst of exceptional times and the recession had exposed frailties in businesses of all sizes. 

“Ninety-eight per cent of the entrepreneurs who completed our survey admitted a competitor would be able to spot weaknesses in their businesses allowing them to take market share.  As a result, growth took a backseat to survival for entrepreneurs with a fifth expecting to see no revenue growth in their business in 2009 (versus seven per cent in 2008). 

“The business landscape has changed significantly over the last 12 months.  The UK economy is making tentative moves out of recession and we find ourselves entering an age of austerity.  Those entrepreneurs that took the tough decisions last year, putting in place the necessary measures to ensure they rode out the storm of the recession, should now find themselves in a far stronger position in 2010.  We look forward to receiving responses from entrepreneurs in the East Midlands and gauging their confidence for prospects in the coming months.”

The survey is open until the end of September. Simply visit The results will be analysed by Deloitte and the London Business School and will be published in the autumn.  Each entrepreneur participating in the survey will receive a copy of the ‘Entrepreneurship UK: 2010/11’ report.

All responses will be analysed on an anonymous basis and will not be shared with any third parties.  The data will not be used for any other purposes outside the production and publication/promotion of the report.


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