Dawn to test her pulling power

Come and support Dawn on the 14th October

Come and support Dawn on the 14th October

PR extraordinaire and Birmingham’s answer to Bet Lynch, Dawn Roberts, will be putting her pulling power to the test next week in one of the city’s favourite watering holes, Metro.

Yes, that’s right, for one night only Dawn and her lovely locks will be behind the bar (instead of in front of it) to pull a pint or two as part of a special fundraising event organised by Birmingham Community Foundation.

On Wednesday 14th October 2009 from 6pm – 8pm, Dawn, along with several other serving wenches, will attempt to pull and pour their way to their fundraising target of £2,000. 

But they need your help. The money will be raised from tips and sponsorship, plus a donation from Metro’s profits on the night.

You are duly invited to join in the merriment and provide a little heckling combined with lots of support.  Beer pumps are available for sponsorship at £100 each. 

Any funds raised during the evening can be immediately matched using the Government’s current Grassroots Endowment match funding.  Last year’s event raised £2k, which automatically became £4k. Using this incentive the local charity plans to build up the endowment funds with the aim of using the interest to fund more than 900 projects in the region whilst keeping the capital in place.


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